Why Join a DASA Circle?

Joining or forming a Circle brings with it several benefits, such as 

  • Organize events and meetups for the regional community 
  • Discuss regional best-practices and obstacles
  • Contribute to the growth of the circle by taking up and driving new initiatives 
  • Build a community, and support other associates Position yourself as a regional thought and change leader
  • Tap into regional DevOps expertise
  • Take up research initiatives
  • Be a part of working groups to derive the change initiative

How to Join a Circle?

Q: What exactly is a DASA Circle?

A: A DASA Circle is a geographical-based group of DASA Members that work together with DASA headquarters to organize local activities, combining the best of both DASA's global expertise and Circles' regional outreach.

Q: Which are the differences between DASA Chapters and DASA Circles?

A DASA Chapter is a geographical-based independent body formed by some DASA Members and operates at a regional, country or city level. It is locally institutionalized as a not-for-profit / LLC organization, which is legally non-affiliated to DASA headquarters; however, it adheres to DASA Chapters' bylaws, handbook and other rules and processes managed by DASA headquarters. On the other hand, a DASA Circle is a group of DASA Members that work together with DASA headquarters to organize local activities to serve better their regional DevOps community. If a DASA Circle gets traction, it has the potential to become a DASA Chapter.

Q: Which are the main responsibilities of a DASA Circle?

A: All DASA Circles exist with the objective to serve the DevOps community via raising DevOps awareness at a local level, spreading DASA and DevOps outreach in their geography, and providing DevOps educational opportunities, training and tools within their region. All the activities of each DASA Circle are organized together with DASA headquarters.

Q: Which are the requirements to form a Circle?

A: A group of DASA members need to show their interest to form a DASA Circle, providing a compelling business case and action plan that will be approved by DASA headquarters. DASA Circles do not need to establish a local entity or have a minimum number of Corporate or Solution Provider members, but also they do not have a local commercial model and all their activities need to be coordinated via DASA headquarters.


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