Using the Stakeholder Map to Guarantee Involvement in the Process

One way of analyzing your stakeholders is the Stakeholder Map. Plot your stakeholders on a graph, considering their influence on and their interest in your initiative.

A Stakeholder Map is a tool that helps you categorize stakeholders into the following four categories:

  • Critical Stakeholders: They are the key players and can make your initiative a success. Therefore, they should be completely satisfied and involved in the project.
  • Major Stakeholders: They have much influence but are not overly interested or touched by your initiative. They can even boycott your initiative. So, keeping them happy is most important.
  • Significant Stakeholders: They should be informed and engaged in the project at an appropriate level. They do not have much influence. However, due to their high interest, they can still be leveraged to promote your initiative.
  • Minor Stakeholders: These stakeholders are least important and require the least communication. They just need to be informed about the project.

The position of stakeholders on the map depicts their value to the project.

Stakeholders are the key players around you. Therefore, it is essential to have healthy communication with them to ensure success. This requires identifying the appropriate modes of communication to connect with them.

Identifying the modes of communication to communicate with stakeholders is the first step. The next step is to choose or devise concrete ways to communicate with your stakeholders, using the appropriate mode of communication.

Source: DASA DevOps Professional – Enable and Scale coursebook.

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