The Business Benefits of DevOps

We live in interesting times in which innovations emerge at an increasing pace. Many startups and new companies have completely displaced or destabilized existing industries.

Many organizations have started to tear down the walls between business and IT, and even thicker walls between technical departments within IT. They have replaced their technical departments with organizational forms that ensure quick feedback loops and short iterations. The leaders of such organizations are now starting to realize that IT is a strategic differentiator. Market conditions demand higher responsiveness and moving slowly is not an option as the competition is eager to grow their market share.

The pressure to deliver faster, better, and cheaper software products has considerably increased the focus on DASA DevOps Principles. But what actually are the business benefits of DevOps? The figure that follows provides an overview of why DevOps matters more than ever before.

Source: DASA DevOps Fundamentals coursebook.

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