It’s time for organizations to become more resilient to get ready for the digital age!

The annual SRVISION event took place in the Netherlands discussing Flying Datacenters, Pando – the largest single living organism on earth, and Edith from All in the Family looking to put more Ops into DevOps.

Will Evans

The line-up for the event was great as always, a wide range of talented people find it exciting to come to the Netherlands for this one-day event. Here are some of the highlights from the event.

The day started off with an amazing presentation by Will Evans. Will took us to Pando, or the trembling giant, the oldest, largest living organism on the planet. Pando, 80.000 years old, however, appears to be dying as it is not able to adjust to the changing environment. Organizations operate in many cases like Pando, and are not able to deal with an ever-changing environment. Organizations need to become more resilient and agile. leveraging insights and principles from Lean, the Theory of Constraints, design thinking and more, organizations can build a model that results in organizational resilience.

Forresters’ Charles Betz gave us an insight into Forrester’s view of the world. Charlie talked about the changing dynamics of IT teams as a result of the move to DevOps. According to him will always be a need for infrastructure and Ops teams (someone to keep the lights on), but the scope of these teams will be more narrow as product teams take on more and more responsibilities for their products.

Arnaud van Rietschoten from Emirates IT took us on a journey to Agile and DevOps for the airline company. Emirates is taking a very command and control oriented organization on a DevOps Journey, and Arnaud explained that by relating some of the Agile and DevOps concepts to the traditional Arabic culture, they are able to make progress. The focus for Emirates in the coming years: Self Service, Analytics, Automation, and Predictability.

These were just a few highlights of a very inspiring day in the Netherlands. There were many other interesting presentations and kudos to everyone. Let’s see what next year brings, hopefully, more female speakers – as there has to be a bit more diversity in IT.

Arjan Woertman

COO ITpreneurs, Head of the DASA Editorial Board, DASA

Arjan Woertman is the Chairman of the DASA Editorial Board. The editorial board is responsible for the portfolio strategy for DASA, and manages updates and…