Thank you DASA partners and best wishes for 2020!

2019 was a successful year for DASA. Thanks to all of you around the world for contributing to our fast-growing DevOps community! Building on the momentum of the previous years, 2019 continued with strong growth and adoption of DASA DevOps in the global marketplace. DASA… Read more

When Do You Need More Teams to Deliver Value?

You might have found yourself asking when are more teams needed to deliver value. The Product Owners must coordinate the delivery of value. Role of PO in coordinating work across teams: PO Sync Working with Product Management and/or Chief PO In a DevOps environment, we… Read more

Digitization or Digital Transformation?

“What is the difference between automation and digitization?” “What is the difference between digitization and digital transformation?” I often hear from people. I answer briefly, taking into account the differences in people’s knowledge. Automation: Efficient methods to eliminate repeated processing and human error from “manual… Read more