Defining Boundaries to Ensure Team Autonomy in DevOps

The autonomy of teams is a core value in DevOps. A team can fulfill that responsibility and conduct everything necessary only by defining certain boundaries to limit responsibility. Some of the dimensions that you should consider while defining boundaries are: Dimension 1: Determining in what… Read more

Digitization or Digital Transformation?

“What is the difference between automation and digitization?” “What is the difference between digitization and digital transformation?” I often hear from people. I answer briefly, taking into account the differences in people’s knowledge. Automation: Efficient methods to eliminate repeated processing and human error from “manual… Read more

The Business Benefits of DevOps

We live in interesting times in which innovations emerge at an increasing pace. Many startups and new companies have completely displaced or destabilized existing industries. Many organizations have started to tear down the walls between business and IT, and even thicker walls between technical departments… Read more

Developing the Right Context in Workspaces

Are you in healthy or unhealthy soil? It is human nature to behave differently in different situations. Therefore, developing the right smell or context in the workspace is essential to improve individuals for the success of the business. However, it involves changing the attitude of… Read more