It’s time for organizations to become more resilient to get ready for the digital age! The annual SRVISION event took place in the Netherlands discussing Flying Datacenters, Pando – the largest single living organism on earth, and Edith from All in the Family looking to… Read more

Culture Follows Structure

On January 17, 2019. Transavia hosted a highly interactive event “Fit for the Future,” enabled by CIO Platform Nederland and the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). After several valuable lessons from Transavia and ABN AMRO Bank on their Agile and DevOps journeys, I had the… Read more

“Fit for the Future”

Bring on round two! After an intensive preparation between CIO Platform Nederland and DASA, the first thematic session of 2019 was a great success! Rik Farenhorst, CIO at Transavia and chairman of DASA DevOps Enterprise Leadership Forum acted as host. As part of the program,… Read more