Leadership starts with you

As follow up to the successful ‘Fit for the Future’ CIO event organized by CIO Platform Netherlands and DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA), a CEG Agile/Scrum event was organized and kindly hosted by Rabobank. One of the goals was to further explore the findings from… Read more

Kaizen Event and Value Stream Mapping as Continuous Improvement Tools

Continuous improvement tools can support the Kaizen or radical change mindset. Kaizen Event A Kaizen event is a structured problem-solving approach that contributes to purposeful continuous improvement within any organization. DMAIC is a problem-solving approach to facilitate continuous improvement, as shown in the following figure. The… Read more


It’s time for organizations to become more resilient to get ready for the digital age! The annual SRVISION event took place in the Netherlands discussing Flying Datacenters, Pando – the largest single living organism on earth, and Edith from All in the Family looking to… Read more