Unleashing the Power of the Community — Creating Value With DASA Members

Key Outcomes of DASA’s First Development Workshop One of the big ideas behind starting DASA was involving the community as a guiding force for building thought leadership. Every certification body or framework owner has a different model for building best practices, but the one that… Read more

TEST section

In this, part one of a two-part blog, I share my 25 years of IT expertise (and some current research) that indicates new leadership skills — including training on the new IT way of working — necessary to meet the new demands of managing DevOps… Read more

Getting Things Done – The Power of Sticky Tape and Post-it Notes

Hold your horses! We can’t do everything. You have to choose! The quote is from a one-day DevOps simulation session I recently ran at a Swedish company in the music streaming business. The person expressing the frustration was responsible for managing the team’s workload. Within… Read more

‘Translating Competence’ Into ‘Value’

What did 35 Senior IT leaders from an International Technology group discover after participating in Phoenix Project business simulation? ‘This was eye-opening!’ Said one manager. ‘We need to take away this concept of BizDevOps’ said another after experiencing the importance of DASA ‘Business Value Optimization.’… Read more