Empowering IT education, Optimizing IT value chain, and fostering a DevOps community: Netmind’s partnership with DASA

DASA is giving us global exposure.Gabriel Casarini – Lead Expert, Netmind

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Netmind is an IT training and consulting company on a mission to empower organizations to become more agile. They provide expertise to help organizations strengthen skills, refine processes, and embrace digital transformation.

Empowering IT education: Netmind’s partnership with DASA


Helping customers transform IT Operations for the Digital Age.

We were working with businesses where each team had different objectives. There was no alignment, and that slowed their growth. We wanted to help address that problem. Gabriel Casarini – Lead Expert, Netmind

Netmind’s mission is to help organizations and teams to become more agile. They help companies to streamline their processes and increase collaboration to speed up the delivery of value to their customers.

Netmind works with large organizations like banks and insurance companies. Within those companies, there are organizational silos. And inside those silos, there are often smaller silos and teams that need to work together, but aren’t.

They wanted to address the challenge of collaboration between organizational silos and optimize the IT value chain.


A collaborative partnership designed to empower IT professionals to thrive.

DASA is providing us a solution because they have the resources, the material, the talks, and the community.Gabriel Casarini – Lead Expert, Netmind

DASA’s emphasis on the DevOps transformation resonated with Netmind’s goal of fostering agility in IT operations—making DASA an ideal partner offering high-quality materials, and industry-recognized certification.

We really appreciate the quality of their resources.Gabriel Casarini – Lead Expert, Netmind

Netmind implemented DASA’s portfolio not only because of the high-quality resources and certification opportunities but also because they embody the values and principles of the DevOps movement.

DASA’s active community engagement, facilitated through regular online and in-person events, has created an immersive and supportive continuous learning environment, enhancing the training experience, and reinforcing the DevOps community ethos.


DASA’s community-building and reputation help Netmind gain global exposure and trust from potential customers.

The trust and global exposure garnered through association with DASA has boosted Netmind’s brand perception thanks to DASA’s reputation and community-building events.

There is quite a lot of interest from our customers.Gabriel Casarini – Lead Expert, Netmind

The results of DASA’s partnerships has had a profound impact on Netmind and its clients, enabling them to work more effectively and achieve better outcomes.

We are helping teams to organize themselves, work better, and collaborate better.Gabriel Casarini – Lead Expert, Netmind

Notably, DASA’s course materials for participants are unique and highly appreciated. This resource significantly facilitated the certification exam preparation process, elevating the overall learning experience.

Providing a significant competitive advantage, Netmind can present DevOps as more than just a certification, but as a dynamic concept. Through DASA’s proactive approach, Netmind can effectively communicate that DevOps is a living, evolving entity that resonates in the industry and fosters continuous learning and innovation.


Empowering IT Professionals and Fostering DevOps Community.

Collaborating with DASA gives us the opportunity to be part of something bigger.Gabriel Casarini – Lead Expert, Netmind

Netmind’s focus on improving teamwork and accelerating value delivery aligns with the principles of DevOps. Through their partnership with DASA, they’ve benefited from:

  1. Global Exposure: Netmind garners global exposure through DASA’s wide reach and esteemed reputation to build trust with potential clients. 
  2. Quality Training Materials: The quality of DASA’s training materials, such as the comprehensive booklet for exam preparation, is unmatched, and enhances the training experience for course participants.
  3. Community Engagement: DASA’s continuous efforts to organize online events and engage the community helped to portray DevOps as an active and vibrant movement. This resulted in greater interest and appreciation from students, who could see the real-world application and evolution of DevOps beyond just gaining a certification.

DASA’s partnership has empowered Netmind to address customer needs effectively, notably those from large, bureaucratic organizations seeking clarity on DevOps principles and practices.

This case serves as an excellent example of how DASA’s collaborative approach in DevOps training can provide a competitive edge, make a global impact, and successfully navigate the complex world of IT operations.

DASA are DevOps experts and we are excited about the future.Gabriel Casarini – Lead Expert, Netmind

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Gabriel Casarini

Lead Expert, Netmind