How Computrain drives growth using DASA’s DevOps courses

DASA is continually developing the DevOps course curriculum and refreshing the materials. You get more than just ‘here’s the course and good luck.’ They really want to build the market together.

Sjon Post, Computrain Portfolio Manager

CompuTrain Case Study

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Computrain is a leading Dutch IT training organization with a rich 40-year history and broad portfolio of digital skills training courses.


A lack of common standards and core DevOps team competencies

Our customers were asking for standards and certification in DevOps delivery, so we knew we needed to address that.

Sjon Post, Computrain Portfolio Manager

When the DevOps movement first started in 2008, there was a lack of core competencies and standards that organizations needed to capitalize on its benefits.

With an already extensive portfolio of courses, Computrain wanted to solidify its position as a leading IT training provider and help to address the growing demand for DevOps training.

In the beginning, the focus was mainly on technical skills, there was never a holistic view of how a DevOps team should work together and what the competencies were.”

Sjon Post, Computrain Portfolio Manager

They looked at various options to help set those standards and benchmarks. Instead of building an in-house certification program, they decided to play to their strengths in the technical and service management areas and looked at what the market was offering.


A robust DevOps training and certification program

With its long-standing history and industry knowledge, Computrain was among the first in the Netherlands to talk about setting up a DevOps certification. It quickly became clear that DASA’s certified courses were key stakeholders in meeting the market demands.

Organizations are looking for providers who understand the whole IT ecosystem. The DevOps framework plays a large part in that. DASA’s robust materials and processes enabled Computrain to implement a training program that offers a broad depth of knowledge and insights.

DASA offers support to set up the programs, update the course materials, and provide sales and marketing materials that align with the certification to support Computrain’s sales teams.


A leading authority offering full service IT training

DASA’s DevOps training courses really helped us to be seen as a DevOps partner. Organizations that fully deploy the DevOps framework often go on to identify gaps within their IT-organization and that leads them to request more courses from our portfolio.

Sjon Post, Computrain Portfolio Manager

With multiple classes running throughout the year, Computrain remains one of the leading providers of DevOps training in the Netherlands. DASA’s DevOps Fundamentals and the Enable & Scale training courses are an important and successful part of their portfolio.

DASA’s team competence model allows Computrain to help its clients assess which competencies are needed for a particular team or role and then fill in the gaps using courses from their extensive portfolio.


Developing an ecosystem for shared growth

DASA’s growth mindset means they’re continually updating the materials. They’re data-driven and constantly assess what’s happening in the marketplace to identify new trends, and make sure that their courses and certifications match market demands.

Sjon Post, Computrain Portfolio Manager

With a partnership-oriented approach, DASA holds regular meetings and shares its data and research to help Computrain determine which organizations and industries are looking to adopt a DevOps approach.

The DevOps ethos is about joint working and continual improvement. DASA embodies that mentality by connecting with training organizations, building long-term relationships and helping to make it a successful partnership.

“Without DASA’s courses and partnership, it would have taken us much longer to establish a strong position in the DevOps marketplace.”

Sjon Post, Computrain Portfolio Manager

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