DevOps: A Culture, A Movement, A Practice

If you’ve been working in or interacting with the IT world recently, you have probably noticed the use of the term DevOps is on the rise. This increase is fueling a growing curiosity around what DevOps actually is. In response to this, Clutch surveyed 247 organizations about their perceptions and experiences with DevOps to gain a better understanding of the true DevOps definition. Keep reading to get our take on the results and how they relate to our goals here at the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA).

Survey Says…

Interestingly enough, when Clutch asked respondents for to select the definition of DevOps, the largest group (35%) of respondents report that they agree with the Wikipedia definition.

[It] is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other [IT] professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

DevOps on Wikipedia

It is important to note that there is no single definition holding a majority of respondents, but many experts agree that the cultural element is key.

In regards to implementation, 59% of organizations surveyed said they already use a DevOps process. Another 36% do not, but plan to do so. This means 95% of organizations either use DevOps now or planning to in the future.

95% of respondents have already or are planning a DevOps transformation

The Impact of DevOps

For those who have not yet fully implemented or are still planning to implement DevOps in their organizations, there’s good news! Respondents with experience integrating DevOps into their way of work indicated positive results within their organizations. When asked how much DevOps has improved the development process on a scale of 1-10, respondents gave an average response of 8.7, where 10 is greatly improved and 5 is no change. Follow-up interviews conducted by Clutch revealed benefits through automation, increased efficiency and removal of conflict. This means that the overwhelming opinion is that DevOps works.

When asked, "How has DevOps improved your development process?", average response was 8.7.

The result of the survey shows that although the industry is still working on developing a widely accepted definition of DevOps, the performance improvements an organization can realize through its implementation are clear. At DASA we have focused our definition of DevOps on six principles which outline the cultural and company elements that should be developed to create a high-performing IT organization. The opinions of the experts in the Clutch study reflect what we believe about DevOps: it’s about experiences, ideas, and culture. We are proud to see that our DASA core elements indeed reflect what IT industry is thinking and looking for.

Sources: CloudTech & Clutch

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