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CTG is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions and services, serving as a catalyst for our clients’ transformations. We accelerate project momentum and achievement of desired outcomes—improved business performance, data-driven decision making, continuous innovation, and reimagined customer experiences—with agility and confidence. Our expertise in the following key areas underpins all of CTG’s solutions and helps you get the most value from your transformational technologies and methodologies: Agile and DevSecOps, Internet of Things, Intelligent Automation, Data and Analytics, Cloud, and Automated Testing. CTG’s Agile and DevOps solutions focus on optimizing your organization by engraining a new way of thinking and working. Whether transforming a department, or your entire enterprise, leveraging Lean-Agile methods is more than simply implementing a framework and tools. It requires all team members to commit to this new mindset and feel enabled to optimize their processes and support sustainable value delivery.


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DASA Service Provider Membership


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