Intro: Why Antifragility?


COVID-19 has taught us that agility and resilience are not the only capabilities that organisations needed yesterday; they also need antifragility. Antifragility can be best described as the ability to thrive as a direct result of stressors, shocks, attacks, or failures. The concept was first Read more

The Hardest Principle


DASA’s entire DevOps curriculum is built around six key principles. Together they cover all the relevant topics you could or should consider when becoming a DevOps professional or when implementing the DevOps way of working within your company. As with all things in life, the Read more

How DevOps and CI/CD contribute to Antifragility

I started exploring DevOps back in 2013. After my upstream journey from programming via designing and requirements engineering to strategy development, I started my downstream journey to examine how strategy can be implemented more quickly and what obstacles need to be overcome in order to Read more