Why You Should Improve the Flow of Work

The most important aspect of working with DevOps principles is to improve the flow of work through the organization. In the course of automating, solving problems, increasing deployment frequency, and shortening processes, you need to inevitably remove waste from the service creation and delivery system. Read more

How to Define DevOps

Hundreds of definitions exist for DevOps. Here, we have captured three in which we highlighted essential elements by underlying them. As you can see, these elements stand for something larger than an intangible but also applicable to enterprise-wide IT improvement and continuous innovation of the Read more

How Do DevOps Product Owners Actually Monitor Progress?

The team and the Product Owner have together understood and confirmed the Product Backlog. They have created the Team Backlog for the next iteration. We know that the Team Backlog consists of more than just new features to be developed. Solving incidents, answering user queries, Read more

Defining Boundaries to Ensure Team Autonomy in DevOps

The autonomy of teams is a core value in DevOps. A team can fulfill that responsibility and conduct everything necessary only by defining certain boundaries to limit responsibility. Some of the dimensions that you should consider while defining boundaries are: Dimension 1: Determining in what Read more