DevOps Enterprise Summit – Accelerating DevOps Teams

A week has passed since the DevOps Enterprise Summit took place in Vegas, and the reviews are rolling in. Overall the response is overwhelmingly positive, and it is so exciting to see the industry come together and share experiences and learn from each other. A central theme Read more

Business-DevOps-Business Value Stream

It’s in the ‘prequel’ and the‘ sequel’ for realizing Business Value DevOps seemed to be the hot topic at itSMF USA – Fusion 18 IT Service Management conference. There was a dedicated DevOps track, a highlight of the Executive Connections programme was DevOps luminary Gene Read more

Executive Connections Insights

The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) was a sponsor of the ‘Executive Connections’ sessions held for leaders at itSMF USA – Fusion 18 Conference in St Louis. One of the program activities was a chance to explore DevOps challenges and recommendations with Gene Kim, keynote Read more