SIMPRAGMA and YAYATI, enabling Digital Transformations – powered by DASA

Simpragma is a boutique organisation with passionate experts who operate as “IT seals” on mission critical projects for start-ups and large organizations. Their expertise includes DevOps Design thinking Digital transformation 3D Simpragma is mastering all the major (DevOps) tools, techniques, languages and they commit to Read more

Kairos Digital Solutions a DevOps Powerhouse – Powered by DASA

Kairos DS is a fast-growing, visionary, Agile-DevOps Powerhouse and rapidly expanding its footprint accross the globe. Headquartered in Madrid with offices in various geographies Kairos is empowering organizations moving to new digital business models, covering end-to-end services from consulting, coaching, training to software development. All Read more

DevOps Enterprise Summit – Accelerating DevOps Teams

A week has passed since the DevOps Enterprise Summit took place in Vegas, and the reviews are rolling in. Overall the response is overwhelmingly positive, and it is so exciting to see the industry come together and share experiences and learn from each other. A central theme Read more