DASA DevOps Coach program: Do I need to have another designation?

I have a bunch of designations, certifications, credits, affiliations; you name it. When I first heard about the DevOps Agile Skills Associations (DASA) in 2016, I got involved because I’m a firm believer in the Agile and DevOps mindset. DASA DevOps and Agile principles go Read more

The challenges of driving a DevOps Culture:

“The culture of any organisation is shaped by the worst behaviour the leader is willing to tolerate” – Gruenter and Whitaker I was talking to an Information Technology (IT) veteran recently, and he was discussing the transition from Traditional methods to Agile and now DevOps, Read more

The Story of an Agile Coach becoming a DevOps Coach

In January 2020, I and 8 other experienced DevOps and Agile practitioners from around the World became the first 9 DASA DevOps Coaches. DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association) is a community driven organisation with the aim to improve skills and knowledge for DevOps teams and Read more

How to lead in today’s disruptive dysfunctional world

Take a look at the world around us, what do you see? Dysfunction all around. Constant Change. Perpetual disruption. Let me share with you what I see: Over 90% of Digital Transformations failing according to 2018 DevOps State of the Union report Projects  failing at Read more