Tools & Technology: Why should these follow your processes?

Automate Everything You Can When You Are Ready

Experience – Automate Everything You Can When You Are Ready I couldn’t be more excited to have joined a rapidly growing start-up in the innovative world of robotic process automation (RPA)! From day one, our focus has been on driving the growth and success of Read more

Suffering from Development Work, Why Won’t it Fly?

Suffering from Development Work

Developing and Delivering a Service needs feedback! USE DEVOPS! The advice to “Use DevOps” might still be confusing for many people. It is like saying, “Use a bike,” to someone who doesn’t know how to ride one and suggesting they do so without guidance. Hence, Read more

What Are the Different Roles in DevOps?


The DevOps team plays a crucial role in the success of DevOps initiatives. The structure of this team can vary based on the organization’s size, project goals, and other factors, but it should always be designed to foster collaboration and cross-functional collaboration. This typically involves Read more

Learning Journeys to Boost Employee Skill Enhancement

What is a Learning Journey? It is a set of formal and non-formal learning experiences that take place over a period of time and involve a range of approaches to enhance employees’ professional aptitudes, develop their current skills and abilities, and improve their behavior. It Read more