3 DevOps Trends for 2017

DevOps is still shining bright in 2017! In this blog post, we will discuss three new trends which you need to keep an eye on this year according to CA Technologies:

DevOps Trends 2017 - Last 5 Years

1. Testing will continue to grow as a topic of interest

In order to ensure high-quality code in an accelerated development environment, it is crucial to test rigorously, and more importantly, to test code at varying points throughout the development lifecycle. Because of this, testing can no longer be the job of quality assurance engineers alone and this trend result in a growing need for Developers to gain new skills enabling them to test code and make those test results available to operations.

2. Development, security, and operations will unify to become DevSecOps

Lately, Security is continuing to be an important topic this year just as Gene Kim predicted. To ensure code is completely secure, it must be deployed within a solid security architecture. This means security needs to also be considered in the testing process.

3. Increased focus on DevOps metrics

Results are everything, and metrics are the key to achieving them. Companies that have already adopted DevOps are now figuring out the best way to measure and report on its impact on the company. Which is why the adoption and standardization of DevOps success metrics is likely to gain ground this year.

Interested in learning more about the trends? Check out the source! The article provides you with additional information regarding these upcoming trends and what to expect in 2017. What do you believe will be the trend this year?

Source: Yahoo & TechBeacon

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