Wednesday, 31 May 2023

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The DASA DevOps Awards are an annual celebration of all the great work that DevOps organizations, teams, and professionals do for the field of DevOps.

The Awards allow for the industry to recognize and celebrate the astonishing accomplishments that the nominees have contributed to DevOps over the previous 12 months. By showcasing and honoring DevOps accomplishments, the DASA DevOps Awards hope to inspire upcoming generations of DevOps experts.

DASA DevOps Awards Categories

DASA aims to honor and praise organizations, service providers, and individuals who achieved distinguishable success in adopting and implementing DevOps practices. The Awards Categories have four focuses that are closely related to the DevOps philosophy: transformation, leadership, business value, and community.


DevOps Transformation


Exemplary Leadership




DevOps Community

DASA DevOps Awards Checklist

  • Only completed applications are accepted. 
  • Only applications sent before the deadline are accepted. 
  • We host a truly global award summit. Organizations and individuals from all over the world are eligible to apply.

Key Dates

Open for Submissions

Now Open

Deadline for Submissions

15 March 2023

Finalists Announcement

1 May 2023

DASA DevOps Awards Summit

31 May 2023

2022 Flashback

Why Enter The Global Online Awards

  1. Show the world your achievement: Ensure that you are highly perceived within your industry.
  2. Collect valuable feedback: Get evaluated by an illustrious international panel of judges.
  3. Networking: Make fruitful connections with successful individuals within your industry.
  4. Healthy competition: Learn from your peers and analyze where you and your business stand.
  5. Motivation: Recognize the challenging work and achievements of you and your team.
  6. Recognition: Make sure that your efforts and achievements are appreciated.
  7. Marketing: Improve your brand awareness, and increase your credibility.

DASA DevOps Awards 2022 winners 🏆


DevOps Transformation Team Award Winner
DevOps Talent Transformation Award Winner
DevOps Cultural Transformation Award Winner
Natwest Group


Inspirational DevOps Leadership Team Award Winner
TUI Group
Inspiring DevOps Leader Award Winner
Arvind Rathore

Arvind Rathore

Outstanding DevOps Coach Award Winner
Sam Rosbergen

Sam Rosbergen


DevOps Business Value Award Winner
Ernst & Young
DevOps Learning Solution Excellence Award Winner
Partnership for DevOps Project Award Winner


DevOps Service Provider Award Winner
DevOps Community Member Award Winner
Clara Erica Takayama de Castro

Clara Erica Takayama de Castro

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Registration is open for over 20 keynote sessions with speakers from the world's most renowned organizations. The event will also include the annual DevOps industry awards to celebrate the achievements of the industry’s brightest minds and most successful DevOps organizations.

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