Yoram Meijer

Sr Digital Strategy Advisor, Cegeka

Yoram Meijer is currently one of Cegeka’s Digital Strategy Consultants to help Cegeka and it’s clients with their Digital Transformations.
In the past he has worked for Schiphol Airports Digital Cargo Platform, where he has helped lead, shape and improve initatives for agile transformations,
product portfolio management and leadership to use the full added value of DevOps ways of working to guide the community of cargo to a seamless integrated platform of services.
At Cegeka he uses this experience to help the company and it’s clients to make the shift into Digitally Accelerated companies through the power of DevOps and Digital Leadership.

Throughout his carreer, Yoram has supported and guided teams and organizations with his enthusiasm, his natural drive for innovation through learning and experimentation and his experience in guiding people towards common goals by focussing on a shared goal of the customer and it’s changing requirements in the VUCA world.