Tomasz Pająk

DevOps and Agile Lead, Conlea
DASA Events Committee Poland

As the DevOps and Agile Lead Consultant at Conlea and the Head of Engineering at DNA Poland, Tomasz is responsible for helping clients understand how digital business models are driving a profound change in the organizational culture, the new performance metrics and the upskilling of their IT professionals and teams.

Tomasz is passionate about helping Conlea’s customers transform themselves from traditional waterfall or Agile Software development methodologies to a DevOps way of working that provide the pathway for collaboration between Development and Operations professionals through all stages of service lifecycle which is the key to transformational IT change and the beating heart for High-Performance IT Teams. Tomasz is passionate about the transformative changes organizations must go through including culture and skill and knowledge requirements professionals and teams require to compete and succeed in a digital world, and he is driven to share his experience with others.