Gonzalo Pardo

Consultant, Kyndryl

I had the opportunity to be in multiple IT roles that gave me a more holistic vision that helped the following years to be open and focused on developing experience in different methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean, Scrum, MGMT 3.0, and IBM’s Garage Method.

Then, found that DevOps and its principles bring the right philosophy that supports a way to mix and match practices, methods, and other principles under the Agile umbrella, as it best fits specific situations and organizations’ own culture. This has helped a lot as a Cloud & DevOps consultant to be able to execute an in-depth analysis applying a Capability model perspective to identify culture, processes, and practices that can help companies achieve growth and scalability in a Cloud Native environment; in order to quickly launch products and services with high quality, secure and creating impact at their markets.