DASA Aims to Provide

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is an open global community for DevOps and Agile Skills development. It is organized as a community-driven organization open for participating member organizations to help define role-based competencies and learning curricula.

To Realize its Broader Purpose, DASA aims to:

DASA Building a Global Community

Join our Global Movement


DASA Forerunner

Our Forerunner members participate in Content Review Boards and Working Groups to ensure that we adhere to our mission and objective to build an open, global community working together to create a universal competence and accreditation model for DevOps Agile Skills development.


DASA Courseware

Develop Courseware that conforms to the DASA Syllabus and Exam Specifications- If you have developed DevOps courseware you can submit it for review and if approved- You can become a DASA Courseware Partner.


DASA Training

If you are an IT Training, or Consulting organization, or a member of an Enterprise IT team interested in training your internal teams. Why not become a DASA Training Partner the benefits are that you will be using an open source, universal qualification scheme.

DevOps and Agile Go Mainstream

The DevOps Principles that guide us support the ultimate search for flow in the delivery of IT Services

  • 1 Customer-centric action (Courage to act, Innovate)
  • 2 Create with the end in mind (Product & Service thinking, Engineering mindset, Collaborate)
  • 3 End-to-End responsibility (Live your accountability, Concept to Grave, performance support)
  • 4 Cross-functional autonomous teams (T-shaped profiles, complementary skills)
  • 5 Continuous Improvement (If it hurts do it more often, experiment, fail fast)
  • 6 Automate everything you can (Enhance quality, maximize flow)

The DASA Development Teams have captured the essential characteristics for any DevOps initiative into six DevOps principles. The Skills and Knowledge areas of the DASA competence framework strongly correlate to these principles. This way prospective DevOps professionals will share a common frame of reference and understand the importance of DevOps behavior, mindset and culture when transforming their organizations to the new world of IT.

—Rik Farenhorst, Business Unit Manager IT Architects, Xebia

DASA DevOps Fundamentals Course - Audience

Anyone working in the Development and Operation area.Core audience: Management, Operations, Developers, QA, Testing, Service Management

  • Individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management
  • Individuals who require a detailed understanding of DevOps principles
  • IT professionals working within, or about to enter, an Agile Service Design Environment
  • The following IT roles:
    • DevOps Engineers
    • Integration Specialists
    • Operations Managers
    • System Administrators
    • Network Administrators
    • Project Managers
    • Business Managers
    • Automation Architects
    • Application Developer / Software Programmer
    • Software Tester / QA
    • Business (Requirements) Analyst

DASA Qualification Program

Our qualification scheme has been designed to address the skills requirements from as Associate, Practitioner and Expert Level. The objective is to provide the right training paths based on the needs of both individuals and organizations.

Qualification Program

June DASA Events

DASA Master Series Webinars

DASA is an independent and open association supporting the development of high-performance IT organizations through agile DevOps initiatives. DASA offers thought leadership as well as practical guidance for competence development for professionals and organizations. Our DASA Master Webinar Series has been designed to provide you the opportunity to hear directly from DevOps SME's and Subject Matter Experts.

Troy DuMoulin - Vice President of Research and Product Development at Pink Elephant a Forerunner member of DASA will discuss why "DevOps Principles & Practices a Leadership Perspective - Why Developing the Right Skills are Key".

Tue Jun 28, 2016 - 4:00 PM CEST
North America and Latin America
Presenter: Troy DuMoulin (Pink Elephent)

DASA Deep Dive - Creating Cross Functional Teams

Frederik Schukken, Managing Consultant and member of the DASA Content Devlopment Team at Quint Wellington Redwood will deliver a 30-minute Deep-Dive.

The Focus is on: "DevOps Principle #4 Creating Efficient Cross Functional Teams". He will explore ways to bring togther individuals from ITSM-ITIL, Scrum, and DevOps and discuss how they can become highly effective cross functional teams.

Wed Jun 29, 2016 - 10:00 AM CEST
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific
Presenters: Frederik Schukken (Quint Wellington Redwood)